Big cities: holy men and dirty bastards

In order to save money, I decided to couch surf in Bangalore, which worked out great. Saravana turned out to be a great host, who even taught me how to make dosas and dropped me off at the bus stop in the middle of the night. Thanks!

The one day I spent in Bangalore was amazing because of the talk that the Dalai Lama held there at that time, perfect timing for me. I couldn’t quite believe that in this big tent with beautiful Buddhist decorations, one of the most amazing men of our time walked in, sat down and spent the next 3 or 4 hours sharing his wisdom, personal issues and most of all his jokes and teasing. so inspiring in a funny and understandable way!

The next day I flew to Delhi, where a guy named Shiva, who came highly recommended by a friend of mine, picked me up from the airport. I was going to stay with him for a few nights, until I could book a train to Rajasthan and figure out my next plans. He then showed me and 3 polish girls some tourist attractions in Delhi, altho more time was spent in his car in traffic than viewing anything worthwhile.

In the morning he had given me an unsolicited palm reading, and asked to give another one before we went to bed. Only 5-10 minutes, he said. Well, that turned into a much longer ‘healing’ session, where at first he did help me by facing some of my personal issues, but then started to focus more and more on boyfriends and my lack of trusting people. He stated that I was sick, and would make myself sicker and sicker until I would kill myself with my negative thoughts, and said it was located in my tummy. Now, some of you know I have a digestive disorder, which I had mentioned during the day, so it wasn’t difficult for me to accept that that’s where I wasn’t healthy. He wanted to remove this illness by touch, which I finally allowed, but unfortunately the conversation kept focusing more and more on sex. During his ‘healing touch’ and massage, he asked me to tell him what my boyfriends used to do to me to please me (‘did he used to lick you?’ ieeuuwww) and asked if i could undo my trousers, and indicated that tantra (reaching higher mental/spiritual state thru sex) was the answer to my illness. This was beneficial and necessary for me to get healthy, and i should trust people more. It was nothing physical, and not for his benefit, but I’d never been with a real man before, who could make me truly satisfied (OMG really?!). Even tho my friend Alex had told me he trusted this man with his life, all possible alarm bells were going off by now and I told him this was enough, and wouldn’t let it go any further. He finally accepted that ‘i wasn’t ready to get better’, and went to sleep in his own room. Altho the palm reading had been interesting, the last part of this second session made the whole thing feel like a big scam to violate me, and so I packed my bags the same night, and got dropped off the next morning.

Luckily, the very helpful guy at the train station got me a train ticket to Udaipur, Rajasthan for the same night, so I didnt have to stay in this big city any longer. It was interesting to notice that I actually felt really safe in Delhi now that I was by myself again, even after hearing many scary stories about the metro and train station from Shiva. No stabbing, no grabbing, not even any touts or scammers trying to get me to the wrong tourist booking office!

The main thing I’ve learned from staying in those two big cities is that I should trust my instincts. In Bangalore, I knew Saravana would be safe, even tho I didn’t know him and I was alone staying in a guy’s apartment, and in Delhi, I knew I wanted to leave and did not feel safe.

So that’s the lesson for today kids: trust your gut, not your brain, and don’t let old, dirty, hairy fat men try to screw you!

Lots of love for those of you who deserve it,
Rose xx

Btw, Shiva said I shouldn’t share our ‘healing’ with anyone, but I have decided that in order for other solo traveling girls to be safe, I should share this. And also, it feels good to write it and call him out on his dirty behaviour. Hence the detailed and personal story!
I’m sure he does mean well in his mind, and has helped many couples and men during their travels, but I would advice girls traveling alone not to stay with him.


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Positive, active and in love with discovering the unknown: from countries to people and experiences. I want and love adventure!
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3 Responses to Big cities: holy men and dirty bastards

  1. Ilja says:

    Holy shit Roosje! Ik wist wel dat er veel van die scam-artists waren die beweren spiritueel te zijn en door middel van ‘cold reading’ mensen kunnen exploiteren, maar dat ze het voor seks zouden doen had ik niet verwacht. Het zal vast een kut-ervaring zijn waarvan je veel leert :).

    Geniet van je reis! Ik hoop dat je veel interessante dingen tegenkomt waardoor je je nog verder kunt ontplooiien! :).

  2. Rose says:

    Hey Il, dank voor je berichtje.
    Heb dat cold reading is gegoogled, denk je echt dat dat t is? Zou wel heel slim en sneaky zijn. Maar ook goed mogelijk, aangezien hij al over me gehoord had via die vriend Alex, en me op facebook had als vriend, en ik met m gesmst had over wanneer ik zou komen enzo. Dus bijna niet meer cold te noemen! wat een eikel he, bah.

    Gaat verder helemaal goed, in een heerlijk laidback stadje nu met een groot paleis en een mooi meer in het midden van de stad, en een hotel met een rooftop restaurant waar ze pannenkoeken bakken (Nederlandse eigenaresse) 😀

    Dikke knuf en kus en succes met studeren! xxx

  3. Anjuli says:

    Haai Roosie!

    Dit is zo ongelooflijk herkenbaar… Had bijna zo’n zelfde situatie tijdens het kopen van de sjaal voor Shel: die vent knoopt dat ding om mijn hoofd, rug en uiteindelijk middel.. Toen moest ie hem even goed vast zetten aan mijn broek (wel heel dicht bij mijn rits maarja, ik dacht ‘die vent doet ook maar zijn werk’ :S) en toen gaf ie mij ineens een kus om mijn buik en zag ik een ENORME bobbel in zijn broek, IEEEEEKS!
    Ik ben nog nooit zo hard een winkel uitgestormd, wel mét sjaal uiteraard 🙂

    xxxx annie

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